Is The Crown Season 6 happening at Netflix?

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The Crown Season 5 is now available to binge-watch on Netflix. Once you get to the end, you’ll want Season 6, but is it happening?

If you haven’t watched The Crown Season 5 yet, you need to head straight to Netflix to watch it now. The season mostly focuses on Charles and Diana’s divorce, including the “Revenge Dress,” the infamous BBC interview, and Charles’s affair with Camilla.

There were also other events from the ’90s. We saw the fire at Buckingham Palace, Tony Blair beating John Major for Prime Minister, and Prince William going to Eton. It all led up to Diana being invited on a vacation, which we know is going to lead to her untimely death in August 1997.

The question is whether the series will get the chance to tell the next part of the story. Will Season 6 happen at Netflix?

The Crown Season 6 is confirmed

There is some great news. The Crown* Season 6 is officially happening. This is something Netflix confirmed a while back.

In fact, the show was renewed for Season 6 and then creator Peter Morgan decided to drop the show to just five seasons. Then he realized he didn’t have time to tell the full story, so he asked for Season 6 to happen again. Of course, Netflix agreed to it.

Filming of the season is underway in London, England. The show did take some time off in respect for Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, but it’s not back on. We’ll need to wait a while, but we’re looking at November 2023 as the release date for the season. This would match the release of previous seasons.

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What did you think of The Crown Season 5? Which storylines from the late ’90s and early ’00s do you hope are included in Season 6? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Crown Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.