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Is The Equalizer canceled? (Will The Equalizer Season 4 happen?)

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With the long winter break, you may be worried about The Equalizer on CBS. Will there be a fourth season of the series?

Let’s be honest; that long winter break for The Equalizer wasn’t just annoying. It was concerning. Why wouldn’t CBS bring the Queen Latifah series back in January? January is one of the better times of year for live viewers because people don’t like to go out in the cold or so soon after Christmas.

Well, CBS did opt for a long break, but this wasn’t a sign that the series was going to be canceled. It looks like it was strategic to make sure there’s a good run of new episodes for the rest of the season.

The Equalizer Season 4 is happening

We already went into this season knowing that there would be more to the story. When CBS confirmed Season 3, it also confirmed Season 4. Yes, the Queen Latifah series was renewed for two seasons at the same time.

This wasn’t too surprising when you consider it is one of the network’s biggest hits. That’s despite it airing on Sundays when episodes are pre-empted for football and then there are a lot of stop-starts throughout January. Opting for a longer winter break may have played in the show’s favor.

We don’t have the schedule just yet, but we’re expecting that CBS will keep this series on Sunday nights. It makes sense to help whatever it going to air on Sundays afterward. We know NCIS: Los Angeles is canceled, and East New York is currently on the bubble.

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The Equalizer* airs on Sundays at 8/7c on CBS in the U.S. and on Global TV in Canada.