Is The Last Kingdom canceled?

The Last Kingdom Season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix. What do we know about the future of the series?

March was a great month for The Last Kingdom fans. We finally got to see how Uhtred’s story would come to an end.

Well, sort of. The Last Kingdom Season 5 was announced as the last season of the series. Does that really mean the story has fully come to an end? Is there more to this story to be told?

The Last Kingdom movie is still to come

It turns out that while The Last Kingdom is technically canceled, the show hasn’t completely finished. The Netflix series won’t get any more seasons, but there is a movie still to come. In fact, Seven Kings Must Die recently wrapped filming. There isn’t a release date yet, but we’re hoping to see it just before 2022 ends. If not, then early 2023 is a possibility.

This will be the end of the tail. Alexander Dreymon keeps sharing updates of his look now and then. He’s gotten rid of the beard and he’s had a haircut. Like what Kit Harington did after Game of Thrones, Dreymon is de-Uhtredfying.

It is sad to see since it means there are no take-backies on this. However, we are ready to see how Uhtred’s story will fully come to an end in the Netflix universe.

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What do you hope to see in the Last Kingdom movie Seven Kings Must Die? What are you doing now the show has come to an end? Share in the comments below.

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