Is The Office leaving Netflix?

The Office is one of the most binged watched TV shows on Netflix. But, despite its popularity, it could be leaving the streaming platform forever. Is The Office leaving Netflix?

Steve Burke, CEO of NBCUniversal, has made it known that NBC is considering taking back control of some of their key title shows as they look to launch their own streaming platform. The Office comes under that umbrella. Which could mean one of the most binged watched TV shows on the streaming platform could be leaving forever. But will that really happen? Is The Office leaving Netflix?

Right now, we can’t say if it is a certainty or not. NBC has only said they will consider the possibility. Not that they definitely will take back The Office from Netflix. With the current agreement between the two networks in place until 2021 nothing is likely to materialize until nearer the time. So don’t panic just yet, The Office should still be avaible to binge watch for another few years.

When the day does come, Netflix may decide to strike a deal with NBC as they did with Friends. When the popular sitcom was scheduled to leave the streaming platform, there was a wave of outrage from fans. Which prompted Netflix to strike a deal, and strike a deal fast, and before we knew it, Friends was back on the platform.

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Like I said though. Any further talk about The Office leaving Netflix will probably not arrive until we get closer to 2021 when the current deal expires. Possibly sooner, around the time the NBC platform launches in 2020, but not anytime in the near future. As soon as we know more we’ll let you know.


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