Is The Resident renewed for Season 7? (Is The Resident canceled?)

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The Resident Season 6 finale aired, but could it be a series finale? What are FOX’s plans when it comes to renewing the show?

Tuesday, Jan. 17 saw the season finales of two medical dramas. New Amsterdam was one of them, and we know that was definitely the series finale. The Resident was the other.

Was the Season 6 finale the series finale? Will there be more stories for each of the characters? After all, it’s clear that not all those storylines have come to a complete end.

Is The Resident Season 7 happening at FOX?

As of right now, FOX has not canceled or renewed the medical drama. This is a good thing in a way, as it means there’s still hope. However, is that false hope? When will we get to find out?

Co-creator Amy Holden Jones discussed this with TVLine. It turns out that the season finale was written to work as a series finale like previous seasons. This is a show that doesn’t usually get renewed until just before the May Upfronts, making it difficult to create season finales with cliffhangers. There’s always the risk of the show not being renewed. Just look at how the likes of The Gifted and Prodigal Son have ended on cliffhangers and then not renewed.

It’s hard to make a call on whether the series will be renewed or not. The live ratings haven’t been the strongest, and it’s clear from the shorter season that FOX is looking at a new plan to keep the costs of production down. Are there other elements that could keep this series on the air? We’ll need to wait until May to find out.

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The Resident* is available to stream on Hulu in the United States and on the CTV App in Canada.