Is The Winchesters canceled or renewed for Season 2?

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The Winchesters has come to an end, explaining the changes to Supernatural canon. Will there be more to the story?

We got to find out how The Winchesters fits into the world of Supernatural during the Season 1 finale. It was pretty much everything that we expected based on what we know about the universe of Supernatural, but it was nice to have that confirmation.

Now Mary and John get a chance to live their lives. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ll give up hunting. Neither of them can really not help innocent people from the monsters and ghosts of the world. Will there be a chance to see more of their story?

Is The Winchesters canceled?

When the series wasn’t given a backorder, many fans worried. No freshman series on The CW got a backorder this year, and it wasn’t because of the ratings. Nexstar is making some pretty big changes, and it’s this that actually has us worried.

Only All American has been renewed so far, and that was due to the deal when Nexstar acquired the network. Nexstar has made it clear that only a couple of shows will make it through to the next season, which does have us concerned about the Supernatural prequel. Nexstar wants to cut down the costs, including reducing the budgets to $1m per episode. That’s not easy for a show with a lot of graphics.

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The Winchesters* is streaming on The CW App in the U.S. and on the CTV App in Canada.