Is Titans on Netflix?

Titans is available to stream via the DC Universe streaming service but can you watch it anywhere else? Specifically Netflix? Is Titans on Netflix?

The much more adult, gritty, live-action series of the Teen Titans is available to stream at your own leisure on the DC Universe streaming service. Season 1 has officially finished now with the finale airing on December 21. So with the full season of Titans now on the DC Universe streaming service, will the show become available on other platforms like Netflix. Is Titans on Netflix?

It is and it isn’t. The series is on Netflix, but not in the US. When the series was announced it was marketed as a DC Universe streaming service exclusive. Making it only available on the one platform, and there is no intention of it moving anywhere else. Such as Netflix. This only applies in the US, however, it is a much different story internationally.

Currently, and it will probably change in the near future, the DC Universe streaming service is only available in the US. So for those of us outside the US, we have no way to watch the series. Which is where Netflix comes into the equation.

The DC series is being added to Netflix this month, January 2019, and is being billed as a Netflix original as well. So you can expect it to be available to stream for some time. Currently, we have release dates for Netflix users in Canada, Australia, and the UK. With all 11 episodes of the first season to arrive at the same time.

The fact it has been billed as a Netflix original means fans can expect Season 2 to be added as well once it airs. Titans was renewed for a second season before it debuted on the DC Universe streaming service.

The second season will probably air fully on the DC Universe streaming service first before being added to Netflix.