Is Trickster Season 2 happening?

Plenty of Canadian dramas made it to the States due to the pandemic. Trickster was one of them. Will Trickster Season 2 happen?

Trickster was one of those shows that brought some excellent representation to our screens. It wasn’t just a Native American story, but one that gave us some positive representations of Native American relationships, breaking down some of the stereotypes.

There’s no doubt that it deserved more. Even if The CW didn’t acquire the second season, it’s a show that deserves more on CBC. So, is a second season going to happen?

Sadly, we have some bad news. However, it’s not the fault of the series itself or the following. This is linked to controversy around the series.

Trickster: Season One ($)

CBC renewed and then canceled Trickster Season 2

At first, things were good. Season 2 was going to happen, but then the controversy began.

From the beginning, co-creator and showrunner Michelle Latimer claimed Indigenous heritage. Then it turned out that her statements were wrong. It’s possible that she wasn’t intentionally lying, but that she hadn’t fully looked into her connection to what she believed to be her Indigenous connection. However, the damage was done.

At first, Latmier stepped away from the project, allowing the show to still go on. However, CBC opted to cancel the show instead.

It didn’t matter if The CW was willing to acquire the season. It’s simply not going ahead. Hopefully, CBC will find other Indigenous stories to tell like this show because they’re definitely needed.

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What questions did you have left over from Trickster Season 1? What would you have liked to see on Trickster Season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Trickster is available to stream on CBC Gem and The CW App.