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Is Uncoupled renewed for Season 2 at Netflix?

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Neil Patrick Harris starred in Uncoupled on Netflix. Considering the cliffhanger it ended on, will there be a second season?

If you were looking for a new series to watch, Uncoupled may have come up on your list of shows on Netflix. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, it follows Michael, whose partner of almost 20 years just suddenly leaves. Michael is forced to navigate the life of a single man in New York City.

He leans on his friends to help. It’s not easy, though, as his friends were his partner’s friends. They feel like they need to pick a side in the separation, all the way up to the finale. The show ended with a major cliffhanger for Michael and Colin. If you loved the series, you likely wanted it to be renewed.

Uncoupled is canceled after one season

There is some bad news for fans of the series. Deadline reported that the series has been canceled.

This arguably isn’t all that surprising. Like so many other shows on Netflix right now, it just didn’t pull in the audience when it first dropped. It really is a huge problem with Netflix at the moment. What’s with the lack of marketing for some of the shows on the streamer? Maybe Netflix needs to cut back on the amount that is put out each month.

There were rumors of the cancellation at the end of last year. As Deadline reports, there was a push to find a new home for the series. However, that push seems to have failed, leading to the official cancellation.

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What did you think of Uncoupled? Which shows are you waiting to be renewed on Netflix? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Uncoupled is on Netflix.