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Is Walker Independence canceled? (Is Walker Independence Season 2 happening?)

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The Walker Independence Season 1 finale has aired on The CW. Will that be the last of the series, or is Season 2 happening?

There are a few CW shows coming to an end right now. The Walker Independence Season 1 finale aired recently, and now we’re curious about the future of the series. Will we get a second season, or has this freshman series been canceled?

We do have to start this with the reminder that the Walker spin-off did not get a backorder. It only had 13 episodes, but then so did The Winchesters. The CW made it clear that none of the freshman shows were going to get extended past the initial 13 episodes, but that didn’t mean anything bad.

Will Walker Independence Season 2 happen?

Since then, The CW has changed a lot. Nexstar has taken over, and it made things clear that shows weren’t guaranteed a renewal. This is not The CW of the past, where we would have been pretty certain that this series would continue for another season.

Nexstar made it clear that only a couple of shows would be renewed, and All American is one of them. Now we have every other show that hasn’t been canceled already in limbo. That includes Walker, The Winchesters, and this series.

We just can’t say either way at this point. We are concerned that the Western series will be canceled, but we are holding out some hope that because of talks of the writer’s strikes, The CW will want to keep a couple of shows so they can be ready for the fall.

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Walker Independence* is available to stream on The CW App in the U.S. and on Stack TV in Canada.