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Is Walker Independence canceled? (Will there be a Season 2?)

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Walker Independence is getting close to the end of the first season. Will there be a second season to the story?

There are just two episodes of Walker Independence Season 1 left. The upcoming one will even seen Jared Padalecki cameo in the episode. Now all eyes are on whether there is going to be more to this period story.

I wish there was some sort of concrete answer to this. The bad news is that we just don’t know right now, but things aren’t looking good. And it’s not because of the live ratings.

Walker Independence may be canceled

If this was any normal year, I’d say Walker Independence would definitely be renewed. The series, among with its parent series and a few others, would usually be picked up with how good the live ratings are for the smaller network. The bad news is that The CW has made it clear that things are very different this year.

With Nexstar taking over, it wants to make money. The best way to do that is to look for cheaper shows to put on the air. Nexstar has a plan to cut the cost per episode to $1 million. That’s difficult to do for a series like a period show as they tend to cost more due to the costumes and sets.

On top of that, it doesn’t even sound like Nexstar wanted to renew All American. This was just part of the deal when it came to the acquisition, and this is despite the series being the top drama on the network. So, we’re not all that confident about Walker Independence and other shows on the network.

One thing that could save it is the upcoming writer’s strike. If that happens in May, it would mean a halt on the new shows and that could mean the shows aren’t ready for the fall. If The CW renews the Walker spin-off, it could bank some scripts to make sure filming can happen in the summer and have a strong show for the fall.

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Walker Independence* airs Thursday at 9/8c on The CW.