Is Warrior Nun Season 3 going to happen?

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Warrior Nun Season 2 has been on Netflix for the last week, and it’s certainly worth the watch. Is Season 3 going to happen on Netflix?

We’re not going into spoilers for the Warrior Nun Season 2 finale in this post, but we will say that it ended making it clear a third season is needed. The big question is whether that third season is going to happen.

What are the chances of Netflix renewing the show? Let’s take a look at the chances of it happening.

Has Netflix canceled or renewed Warrior Nun for Season 3?

As of right now, Netflix hasn’t made a decision about the show’s fate. In a way, that’s a good thing. This is one of those times when no news is good news. Of course, the longer the “no news” goes on for, the more we can guess the series has been quietly canceled. For now, no news just means there’s still a chance of renewal.

It can take two months for Netflix to make decisions. There’s a lot to look at to determine if the show should be renewed. The biggest of those things is the ratings. We don’t get to see how many people tune in to watch. Netflix keeps those numbers quiet, but they are important to determine the future of the shows.

There is a lot riding against the series, sadly. It took a long time to bring the second season, and Netflix wasn’t all that great with marketing it. Unless you were keeping an eye on the series, you could have missed the fact that it dropped last week. The best thing to do now is binge-watch the second season and make it clear a third season is necessary. There is time.

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What did you think of Warrior Nun Season 2? Would you like to see a third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Warrior Nun s available to stream on Netflix.