Will With Love Season 2 happen at Amazon Prime Video?

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December brought some great content to Amazon Prime Video. With Love is a must-watch, and now we need With Love Season 2 to happen.

If you love One Day at a Time, you’ll want to turn your attention to Amazon Prime Video. With Love is the latest addition to the series that has become a must-watch. It focuses on the Diaz siblings as they find purpose and love, but it’s far more than just about them. We get to see love at all different stages, including trying to keep the spark alive in marriage.

The way things ended, we definitely need more to these wonderful stories. The question is whether we’re going to get more. Is there a chance Amazon will renew With Love for Season 2?

Will With Love Season 2 happen at Amazon Prime Video?

We start with some bad news. Amazon has not renewed the series at the time of writing this. However, we also have some good news in the sense that the show also hasn’t been canceled.

It can take a few months for renewals to come in when it comes to Amazon shows. Usually, we get answers within a couple of months, and Amazon has been pretty good recently with early or quick renewals.

It’s all going to depend on how many people binge-watch the series right away. The show has had a positive following on social media, so that should help it land a renewal if there have been some good numbers on the streaming platform.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the series. We’re hoping to see a second season.

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What did you think of With Love? Would you like to see a second series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

With Love is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video ($). Stay tuned for the latest updates on With Love Season 2 and more.