Is You on Netflix canceled? (Is You Season 5 happening?)

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We’ve come to the end of another season of You on Netflix. Will there be more? Will You Season 5 happen on Netflix?

Things have taken a darker turn in You than we ever expected. Without giving away too many spoilers, Joe is still the killer that we knew him to be, and now he has someone else by his side to help him cover up all his dark secrets. Things aren’t looking good for the good people in the world.

We need to see justice happen. Too many people have died because of this man, whether by his own hands or due to a mistake. Then there are others who are now on the run or locked up in a jail cell because of him.

To get justice, we need a fifth season. Is You Season 5 going to happen at Netflix? Could it be the last?

You Season 5 is not yet confirmed by Netflix

There is a bit of bad news to start this. We don’t yet have an official confirmation of Season 5 happening. That’s not to say it won’t, but Netflix is still to say yes or no,

This sort of delay is normal for Netflix. We do expect to see the fifth season happen, and it does sound like it will be the last. Penn Badgley says that he has a six-year contract, so there could be up to a sixth season, but he and the writers don’t want this show to start circling the drain. They need to end on a high.

The fifth season could be that point. There could be 10 episodes to see various people come back to help bring an end to Joe’s killing spree.

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What did you think of the fourth season? Do you think a fifth season is necessary? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You* is available to stream on Netflix.