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iZombie Season 5 Release Date, Cast Details, Trailer and More

Season 5 will be the final season of the hit CW series iZombie. How will they bring it all to an end? Here is everything we know so far, including the iZombie Season 5 release date, cast details, trailer and more.

Last Updated: January 10, 2019

It will be the final time we see Liv, Ravi, and the gang eat brains and solve crimes as iZombie Season 5 is the final season of the comedy, crime drama. When The CW renewed the series for its fifth season it was also announced that it would be the end as well. So what do we happen to know so far? Let’s take a look at everything that is known, including the iZombie Season 5 release date, cast details, trailer and more.

A lot happened in the Season 4 finale. Liv’s boyfriend Levon was executed by Chase Graves. Proving once again that Liv’s chances to have a steady boyfriend in iZombie are pretty much zero. In retrospect though, Liv got the last laugh, or her revenge, depending on the way you look at it when she chopped off Chase’s head.

Clive and Dale ended up getting married. They had a rocky season with Clive being human and Dale being a zombie, but after Liv gave up the zombie cure for her things finally returned to normal for the couple. With Graves dead, Major resumed control, with his first act being to pardon both Blaine and Don E in exchange for services. The government has cut off the brain shipments to Seattle, so now the brain smuggling operations are the only way to keep the undead population fed, and therefore in check, and under control.

Oh, and don’t worry. Peyton and Ravi are still together.

iZombie — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW via CWPR

Do we have an iZombie Season 5 release date?

An official iZombie Season 5 release date has been announced. As per Entertainment Weekly. iZombie Season 5 will premiere, Thursday, May 2, 8:00 pm EST.

Do we have a promotional trailer for iZombie Season 5?

Just like the release date, we still do not have a promotional trailer. Most likely one will be released when the release date is announced. As soon as one is released we will update this post.

Who will star in iZombie Season 5?

You can expect all of the usual cast members to arrive on the final season of iZombie. Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Aly Michalka, as Liv Moore, Clive Babineaux, Ravi Chakrabarti, Major Lilywhite, Blaine McDonough, and Peyton Charles respectively.

Do we know anything else about iZombie season 5?

Showrunner Rob Thomas spoke to TV Line shortly after the Season 4 finale. He spoke about how all of the characters, for the first time, are in positions of power.

Thomas then explained how the fate of Major and Liv will be resolved by the end of the series. So at least there is going to be some closure for the two. Whether it will be good closure is another question in its self. An answer to what will happen to all the zombies will be given as well, but Thomas explained it will not be a Sopranos style ending. If you know the Sopranos you will know how disappointing that ending was, but for those who don’t, everything just randomly ended in the middle of things.

That’s all that’s known for now. Check back regularly for more information about The CW series.

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