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What do Jamie’s dreams mean in Outlander?

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Jamie has shared more dreams of the future in Outlander. What do they mean? Is he time traveling in his sleep?

We know that Jamie can’t time travel. He isn’t able to hear the stones to go through them. Yet, he’s describing things from the future that he’s never seen before. Realizing what electric light must look like it one thing, but he described a telephone to Claire.

On top of that, in the dream he had about Bree going up to the house, he shared the name Fiona. This was a name that he had no reason to know. Why would Bree and Roger have told him the name of Fiona?

It’s clear that these are more than just dreams. What’s going on, and does it link to the ghost?

Is Jamie time traveling in Outlander?

Is it possible that Jamie is time traveling, after all? He’s not traveling through theh stones, no. He can’t live in the future with his family. However, he seems to be traveling through time on maybe a different plane of existence.

It is possible that he’s astral projecting. There are a lot of theories around astral projection and sleep. I’m not going to go into them. All I know is that this certainly seems like something he could be doing, and it could be linked to the ghost.

Jamie is able to vividly see things in the future. He’s not always seen by others, though. Bree and Roger didn’t mention that they’d seen some sort of ghost of the past. However, Frank did see a ghost in the very first episode. It could be that Frank and Jamie are somewhat connected via Claire, making it possible for Frank to see Jamie when nobody else seems to do.

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What do you think of Jamie’s dreams in Outlander? How would you explain him seeing what he can see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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