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Will Jamie and William face each other in Outlander?

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One thing Jamie didn’t want was to face his son in battle in Outlander. Is that going to happen in the mid-season finale?

The Outlander Season 7A finale takes place this week. We’re assuming that Jamie makes it through alive. After all, we know from the synopsis that Jamie will fight in the Second Battle of Saratoga.

On top of that, we know that William is going to fight in the battle. There is no way that he will leave his people behind. He is angry at the events of the last battle, and he is ready to do his part in taking down the rebellion. He still sees the Americans as traitors and not as freedom fighters; he’s sure he’s on the right side of history.

And so, we know that the Second Battle of Saratoga is going to take place in the new episode. Does that mean William and Jamie will face each other?

Will Jamie shoot his son if it comes to it in Outlander?

We are sure to see them on the opposite sides of the battle. The fact that Jamie said this was one thing he didn’t want suggests that it is sure to happen. Why else would some sort of fiction put that line in?

We also only have to look at the books to see what happens. This battle takes place in An Echo in the Bone*, and we know that Jamie ends up on the other side of the battle to William and Simon Fraser, a distant cousin.

Jamie doesn’t want to have to shoot his son. However, nobody there knows that William is Jamie’s son except for Claire and Young Ian. Even if they did know, it’s not like Jamie could just choose not to take part in this battle. He has effectively been conscripted into this, although he has admitted that he needs to stay for this part of the war.

Of course, Jamie isn’t going to shoot his son if he can get away with it. The question is whether he can get away with it, and what he’ll do instead.

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What do you want to see at the Second Battle of Saratoga? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander* airs on Fridays on STARZ in the U.S. and on Sundays on W Network in Canada.