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How is Jared Padalecki in Walker Independence?

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We got a great surprise in the promo for Walker Independence Episode 12. Jared Padalecki will be in the episode, but how?

Walker Independence is no stranger in bringing actors from the parent show into this one. After all, Matt Barr is playing Hoyt Rawlins, a likely ancestor of the Hoyt we’d come to know in the first season of Walker. So, is it really that surprising that Jared Padalecki is going to be in an episode of the prequel series?

We got a surprise during the promo for Episode 12. Hoyt says to someone that he feels like he’s met him before, and then the promo cuts to Padalecki’s character. Who is he?

An ancestor of Cordell in Walker Independence?

We’re working with the assumption that Hoyt is an ancestor of the Hoyt we came to know. Does that mean Padalecki’s character is going to be an ancestor of Cordell? That’s unlikely considering Abby Walker is supposed to be Cordell’s ancestor. Unless it turns out that Padalecki’s character will be the future second husband of Abby.

Instead, it’s likely just a fun cameo for the actor who is also an EP on this series and the parent series. It wouldn’t be the first show that has done this sort of thing. Even Walker, Texas Ranger, which the parent show is based on had Chuck Norris play a character in the Old West as well as the present day.

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