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Why was Jiro on trial in Accused Season 1, Episode 11?

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Jiro faced trial in Accused Season 1, Episode 11. What was he accused of doing, and how did the story play out?

The series had us guessing the charges again. Would Jiro be on trial for murder? Was it negligence? Was it abuse? There were a lot of questions, and it was only at the end that we learned the details.

Jiro felt a lot of guilt. When he was younger, he and his brother were involved in an accident. That accident left Sam with a traumatic brain injury that left him really in the mind of a nine-year-old. He couldn’t communicate well, and Jiro shared that he left his mom to do all the caregiving so he could go off to college. There was guilt there for leaving it all to his mother.

When his mother died, Sam was placed in an adult care facility. Jiro didn’t want to have the burden of his brother on his family, and it turned out to be the wrong decision. While in the facility, Sam was being abused. At first, it looked like it was at the hands of another resident, but it turned out to be Leon.

We saw Jiro beat Leon and get his brother out of the facility, but was that the reason Jiro was on trial? What was the full story?

Jiro was accused of negligence in the series

It turned out that it wasn’t because of the attack against Leon. Maybe everyone realized that Leon was a threat and Jiro pushed him away to protect his brother. Instead, Jiro was on trial for negligence of his brother.

After getting Sam out of the care facility, Sam fell into the pool at the houe and almost drowned. Fortunately, Sam survived, but the police were there and Jiro was on trial for everything that happened. There was a deal to be made, but Jiro refused to take it despite it meaning possibly no jail time.

Why would he do that? He explained to the jurors that if he took the deal, he wouldn’t be able to apply for custody of his brother. That wasn’t what he wanted. He admitted he made a mistake in not taking his brother in right away. Putting his brother in the care facility was something he shouldn’t do. So, after all this was over, he wanted the opportunity to correct that wrong.

It was a heartfelt speech, and it turned out that the jury was moved. We cut straight to a scene of the entire family back at the house. Jiro was filming as Jiro’s daughters encouraged Sam to get in the pool and face this fear that he now had. At first, Sam didn’t want to, but with some encouragement from both his nieces and his brother, he jumped in with a smile on his face.

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