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How will John Carroll Lynch return to Big Sky for Season 2?

John Carroll Lynch will return to Big Sky for Season 2. The big question is how that’s possible considering his character died.

Lynch played State Trooper Legarski on the series, and we immediately knew to hate him. After all, he killed Cody Hoyt in the series premiere, making it clear that he had something to hide. We slowly learned about his involvement in the sex trafficking ring, but that came to an end when Cassie shot him in the head.

It wasn’t until a couple of episodes later that his story came to a complete end. He met the wrong side of a hammer held by his wife, who had had enough of the horrors she learned about her husband.

And so, we have to wonder how John Carroll Lynch can return to Big Sky. The answers may have been at the end of Season 1.

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Legarski has a twin brother on Big Sky

The end of Season 1 brought the news that Legarski had a twin brother. Of course, we questioned whether that twin would be identical or not. With Lynch returning to the series, it certainly seems likely.

It would be the obvious way to bring back the actor, even if it does scream soap opera. The teaser for Big Sky Season 2 even suggests that the twin is going to be identical. It’s narrated by Lynch, with a line that starts “It’s like my brother used to say…”

The twin seems to be heading to Montana, but is he as awful as Legarski was?

Another option to bring Lynch back is through flashbacks. That was something the actor had mentioned previously, but do we need flashbacks? Well, maybe we’ll get both flashbacks and the identical twin.

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What do you think of John Carroll Lynch returning to Big Sky? How do you see it all playing out? Let us know in the comments below.

Big Sky Season 2 premieres on Thursday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c on ABC.