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Will Jordan be able to play football professionally on All American?

Jordan took a big hit on All American Season 3, Episode 10. Is this his football career over with forever, or is there some hope?

The big hit led to Jordan being knocked unconscious. Fortunately, there’s no lasting damage, but the doctor told Jordan that he’d need to stop playing football for the rest of the year.

If this was his junior year, Jordan wouldn’t be as concerned as he is now. Football is his life, but he’d know he’d have his senior year to prove himself again. However, he’s in his senior year. This is it. It’s now or never.

If he doesn’t play for the rest of the year, the scouts won’t come to see him. He won’t get a place on the college teams, and that will mean the rest of his football career is done.

Arguably, Jordan has nobody to blame but himself for this. Jordan kept ignoring the signs of concussions. He took pills to prevent the symptoms so he could keep playing, ignoring all the consequences, and now he has to live with the potentially career-altering effects of his decisions.

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Will Jordan get to play football again on All American?

I want to say that because this is the world of TV, there will be some sort of miracle. There always is, isn’t there? Jordan will find a way around the current situation to be able to get a place on a team. Maybe the scout that turned up at the game will want him. Or maybe his dad or Coach Mendes can pull a few strings.

But is that the way this storyline should go? Actions do have consequences. Is it time for a TV show to be a little more realistic when it comes to these medical storylines and actually force Jordan into finding something else that he’s good at?

All American has Asher doing that right now. However, that doesn’t mean Jordan can’t be forced into it too.

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Do you hope to see Jordan still get his football career? What do you hope to see next for him on All American? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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