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Is Judd Lormand really leaving SEAL Team?

Just as we feared, Judd Lormand is leaving SEAL Team. How is Blackburn going and is there a chance he’ll return in the future?

There has already been a lot of change within Bravo Team. Jason stepped back from operating, Ray got the Warrant Officer promotion, and Cerberus retired (although Pepper certainly showed her stuff on the recent episode). Now it’s time for another change.

When SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 3 aired, we feared one thing: Judd Lormand was leaving the series. You may remember we noticed that he had gone from a series regular to a special guest star, which set off alarm bells for us.

Those alarm bells were warranted. During SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 7, we learned Blackburn is leaving Bravo Team.

Blackburn lands a promotion on SEAL Team Season 4, Episode 7

One thing the series has always done is offer us real stories. It’s hard for TV shows to do this, especially when it comes to retirement and promotions. There’s always the risk of losing that one character that causes the whole series to come to an end.

The fourth season started with Mandy leaving her position in the CIA. She didn’t like what her job was making her into and decided it was time to step back. Now it’s Blackburn’s turn to move on, although in his case it’s for a promotion.

We got an excellent send off, with Blackburn giving a speech to say goodbye. At the same time, it looked like Jason Hayes was going to leave, heading to San Diego with Natalie to lead the training at BUDS.

Fortunately for us, the latter didn’t happen. Jason wants to operate as Bravo 1 again. However, Blackburn is leaving for his promotion with Lt. Soto now in Blackburn’s position.

Will Judd Lormand return to the series?

There is one great thing about promotions. This doesn’t mean we’ve completely lost Blackburn from the series. It doesn’t mean we’ll never see Lormand back on the show again.

If scheduling allows for the actor and the show, there is always the chance Lormand could come back for an episode or two. After all, paths will always cross again in the military. If Blackburn ever needs a SEAL team he can rely on, it’s always going to be Bravo Team he calls.

It’s just going to be a while.

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What did you think of Blackburn’s exit? Were you ready for Judd Lormand to leave the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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