Will Julie and the Phantoms be saved by another streamer?

Julie and the Phantoms fans got some disappointing news over the weekend. Will the series be saved by another network?

Over the weekend, Julie and the Phantoms showrunner Kenny Ortega confirmed the one thing fans feared the most. The series has been canceled after one season. TVLine confirmed the cancellation after the announcement.

Naturally, there is a lot of disappointed fans. We had hoped that the delay in the renewal didn’t actually mean the series would be canceled. We hoped that it just meant a few things were being managed behind the scenes, such as contract renewals.

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Will another network save Julie and the Phantoms

Now all eyes are on a potential future elsewhere. Is it possible that another network will save the series?

We’ll be honest and say that saving this show is unlikely. It’s extremely rare that a streaming show is saved. It has happened before, such as One Day at a Time finding a new home for one more season, but saving that show just didn’t work out. There wasn’t the audience off the streamer since the network views don’t include the global views.

Due to the contracts, it’s almost impossible for a streamer to save a canceled Netflix show. There are stipulations that the shows won’t head to another streamer for about three years. By then, the numbers of those wanting it could dwindle. Plus, it would be troublesome to get all cast members back as they move onto new projects.

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What did you think of Julie and the Phantoms? Would you like to see another streamer save it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Julie and the Phantoms streams on Netflix.