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What will June do next on The Handmaid’s Tale?

June, Emily, and the other former Handmaids made a big decision on The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4. What’s next for June?

Caution: There are some major spoilers from The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 finale in this post.

When June found out that Fred Waterford would get to live a life of freedom in Geneva, she made it clear that she wanted him scared. She wanted him scared like she was when running in the woods for her life. Emily understood that need, and Luke, overhearing it, also knew what June meant.

After realizing that she couldn’t really move on, June decided that she wanted revenge. Emily, Joseph Lawrence, and Nick all helped her get that revenge in their own ways. Nick managed to get Fred taken to No Man’s Land for June. From there, June and other former Handmaid’s chased him through the woods and ended up killing him.

June got back home and hugged her daughter, Nichole. When Luke saw the two together, he knew what June had done. All June wanted was five minutes with her daughter and then she’d be gone. But what exactly will June do next?

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Will June turn herself in on The Handmaid’s Tale?

June knows that what she did was unforgiveable. While Luke has said that he would love her for whoever she became after Gilead, June doesn’t believe that will be the case. She’s sure that Luke will hate her for what she did to Fred.

Luke is currently shocked, but wouldn’t anyone be seeing what he saw? Luke knew exactly what June had done without seeing it all. He knew that June had killed Fred, even if nobody will be able to prove her actions. Who’s to say that Fred’s body will even be found?

However, Luke and June both know. This is something that could end up damaging their relationship, and June knows that. That’s why she’s asking for five minutes and then she’ll leave.

But where is she going to go? Will she go to Emily or another former Handmaid? Could she end up turning herself in for her actions? Will she find a Mayday operative within Canada or even set something up to get more people out of Gilead? If you read The Testaments ($), you’ll know that June doesn’t give up the fight to get people free from Gilead. This could be the start of that storyline.

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What do you think June will do next? Will Luke be able to forgive June for her actions on The Handmaid’s Tale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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