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Is Kathleen in The Last of Us game?

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The Last of Us TV show brought us Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen. Who is the character in the game, and what can we expect?

There is no doubt Yellowjackets fans were ready for Melanie Lynskey coming into The Last of Us. We’ve had to wait for Episode 4, and we were not disappointed. Lynskey plays Kathleen, the woman who helped lead the rebellion against the military in the Kansas City QZ. The play is now a “free” state.

Of course, we know that things aren’t all that free in a post-apocalyptic world. There is still a military regime in place to survive, and Kathleen has a personal vendetta against Henry and Sam, suggesting trouble for Joel and Ellie.

Kathleen is not in The Last of Us game

Kathleen brings us the biggest deviation to the game play so far. She wasn’t in the game, although we’re not upset about her inclusion in the show. She is brought in to add more detail to Henry and Sam’s storyline by the looks of things.

In the game, Sam and Henry talk about Hunters. They are people who track down the “tourists” who accidentally land in Kansas City. Henry thinks Joel is a Hunter, but we know that Joel and Ellie could end up being at risk of being hunted down.

We don’t get to meet the Hunters in the game. In the series, we find out that the Hunters are those who helped take down the military and “liberate” the Kansas City QZ.

Kathleen seems to be the leader of the Hunters, and she has a personal vendetta against Henry because he helped the military capture her brother and beat him to death. It adds a new layer of complexity to the characters in the TV show. We can understand why Kathleen is on the hunt for Henry, but we can also understand Henry’s need to survive and save his brother. It leads to us questioning just which side we would be on in the real world.

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What do you think of the TV series so far? What did you think about including Kathleen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Last of Us* airs Sundays on HBO in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.