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Who is the killer in You Season 4?

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You Season 4 opened with a murder, but this time it wasn’t Joe. Who did kill Malcolm and others in London?

You did not disappoint with the first five episodes of Season 4. We immediately opened to find out why Joe ended up in London when he originally started in Paris and how he ended up with a new identity and job. It also opened with a murder mystery, forcing Joe to read murder mystery novels to figure out the pattern.

It was in the fifth episode that we got the answers. We (and Joe) found out who was killing the rich people. It wasn’t all that surprising when you consider the reason Joe had figured out for the murders, and now the second half of the season is all about Joe trying to prove who it is.

Who did kill the rich in You Season 4?

We find out that it was Rhys Montrose. He doesn’t like the rich, despite being part of the upper-class. This isn’t a guy who has always been at the top. He grew up on a council estate as an abused child of a single mom. He ended up in prison for a bar fight, and he only went to Oxford after finding out that he was the son of a member of the aristocracy.

At first, he was going to frame Joe for the murders. Then he found out who Joe actually was and thought Joe agreed with him. It was only during the weekend away when Rhys revealed himself that he realized Joe didn’t like killing after all.

Now Joe is free and Rhys is running for mayor. It’s only a matter of time before one of their secrets is out.

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