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Is Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

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The Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 finale left lives on the line. Is Teddy going to be a casualty? Is Kim Raver leaving the series again?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 finale.

If you thought Grey’s Anatomy looked pretty tame in the two-hour finale, you will have been shocked to see how it all ended. The Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 finale started off with Teddy complaining about toothache. She refused to see a dentist about it, and it was clear this would come up again in a later part of the episode.

We didn’t quite expect it to come up in the way it did. Teddy was operating on Sam when she suddenly collapsed. Miko started chest compressions and Owen came in to take over, but it’s clear that Teddy’s life is on the line while Sam’s life is also on the line on the table.

Will Kim Raver leave Grey’s Anatomy?

Now eyes are on whether we’ll see Teddy leave the hospital again. This time, it looks like it’s going to be permanent. She’s already proven herself to be a successful chief, and now we could lose her all over dental pain.

And yes, a dental problem can lead to something serious. I had a friend who suffered from a mouth infection that took three days to get to the point of sepsis and almost killed her.

As of right now, we’re not seeing anything that suggests Kim Raver is leaving. In fact, we’re seeing proof of the opposite. Raver was one of the actors to sign new deals with ABC for the series, according to Deadline. That suggests she’ll pull through, but we may see her have to fight for her life. There’s a high chance that Sam won’t make it, though.

We just have a long wait on our hands to find out. Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 will premiere in 2024.

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