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Who did Kreese call at the end of Cobra Kai Season 3?

Kreese made a phone call after remembering Vietnam during the Cobra Kai Season 3 finale. Who has he called for help?

The Cobra Kai Season 3 finale ended with all sorts of questions. There is one big question that many viewers have, especially those who haven’t yet watched all three Karate Kid movies.

Who did Kreese call at the end?

We know it was the man in the picture, the Marine who told Kreese he owned everything. This Marine, Twig, said he would do anything for Kreese for Kreese’s whole life.

Well, it turns out that the payment is due.

Only, this isn’t the first time the payment has come due. Twig has always been there, and we’ve seen him before in the Karate Kid movies. He turned up in Karate Kid III.

Twig is Terry Silver from Karate Kid III

During Karate Kid III, Cobra Kai had a new sensei. It was the owner of the dojo, Terry Silver. He wanted to help Kreese get back on his feet after Kreese lost all his students thanks to Johnny losing the tournament and Kreese’s true colors coming out.

Terry had even set up Cobra Kai specifically for Kreese. It was never about the money but about helping out a friend—a friend he owed his life to.

Now that Cobra Kai is under threat by Daniel and Johnny, Kreese is calling on Twig to help again.

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Will Terry Silver be in Cobra Kai Season 4?

The ending hints that there is another face from the past returning. Cobra Kai Season 3 was certainly full of them for Johnny and Daniel, but now there is one for Kreese (and yes, Daniel, too).

It looks like we’ll see Terry turn up again. He’ll likely help to train the students in the “no mercy” way of fighting. Maybe we’ll even see him trying to lure some of the Miyagi-Do or Eagle Fang Karate students in.

Will it be a complete rehash of the third movie?

One thing the show has managed to do is not offer a complete rehash of the original movies. While the movies inspire storylines, there have been changes along the way. So, what will be the change to the third movie?

We’ll have to wait and see. It could involve Robby, who has already defected to Cobra Kai but really belongs with Miyagi-Do.

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Did you get that Kreese had called Terry Silver in the Cobra Kai Season 3 finale? What do you hope to see on Cobra Kai Season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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