Is Kung Fu canceled or renewed for Season 4?

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A few CW shows are wrapping up, and Kung Fu is one of them. Is the Season 3 finale going to be the series finale?

The CW is bringing a few shows to an end at the moment. A lot of shows only have 13 episodes, and that includes the kickass gender-swap reboot Kung Fu. The third season finale has now aired, but will this end up being the series finale?

What are the chances of the series being renewed? Has The CW already made a decision? Here’s what we know so far.

Is Kung Fu Season 4 going to happen?

As of right now, The CW has not made a decision on the series. No news is good news at this point, but it is a series we’re concerned about. In fact, we’re concerned about all CW shows right now.

The network saw some major changes recently with Nexstar taking over. The new company has made it clear that it’s looking to make The CW profitable, and that means a lot of the current slate is not going to make it through to the 2023–2024 season.

All American is the only show renewed so far. Out of all the others, Walker and The Winchesters are the most likely contenders for renewals. Kung Fu is No. 7 out of the 11 scripted shows on the network in the average demo and average audience. This isn’t that strong when you considered very few shows are going to make it through. I have a feeling the fourth season is the last.

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Kung Fu* is available to stream on The CW App in the U.S. and on the CTV App in Canada.