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What happened to Laenor in House of the Dragon?

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Rhaenyra wanted to marry Daemon, but that meant getting Laenor out of the way. What happened to him in House of the Dragon?

The only way for a married princess to marry someone else is by her husband dying. Well, Daemon has the cure for that in House of the Dragon. Did Rhaenyra really want Laenor to die, though? Was that the plan?

During House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 7, everyone had to choose sides. Would they pick Alicent and her children or would they support Rhaenyra’s claim to the Iron Throne? Alicent’s demand for a child’s eye certainly helped make it clear just who would be better off in power once Viserys died.

Toward the end of the episode, Rhaenyra and Laenor shared a great moment. Laenor offered to sacrifice his happiness for duty, but Rhaenyra knew that wouldn’t be fair. She also wanted to be with Daemon, knowing that having a Targaryen couple would be better to claim the Iron Throne. So, she and Daemon needed to take action.

Did Laenor die in House of the Dragon?

Daemon made it clear that he wanted a death, and he wanted to make sure there were witnesses. It was soon clear why when it came to a fight in Corlys’s throne room. By the time Corlys got to the fight, it was over and there was a body in the fire badly burned.

Corlys and everyone else believed Laenor was the one in the fire. His body was burned beyond recognition, but it did look like it could be the future Prince Consort.

If you thought the death was too anti-climatic, you’ll be forgiven. You see, it wasn’t Laenor at all. By the end of the episode, we see him rowing to a boat with his head shaved. It was the other guy, left behind to look like Laenor. Now Rhaenyra is able to marry Daemon because everyone believes her husband is dead. Laenor gets a happier life in a land where names don’t matter.

Could it be a win-win for everyone? Maybe until someone finds out that Laenor didn’t die in that fire.

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