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Who is Leonora in Carnival Row Season 2?

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Carnival Row Season 2 has introduced a couple of new characters. Leonora is one of them. Who is the broken-horned faun?

While the mess in The Burgue continues, we get to see what has become of The Pact in the first two episodes of Carnival Row Season 2. New Dawn has taken over, bringing a place where humans and fae live together in harmony.

Imogen has seen it with her own eyes. She was shocked to learn that The Pact is no longer anything like she learned about in school. Everything she hears about the place now comes from a broken-horned faun she later learns is called Leonora.

Who is Leonora in Carnival Row Season 2?

All we initially see is a woman who is clearly high-ranking in her kitchen. She isn’t afraid of Imogen’s presence, and I immediately got the sense that she was going to be the “master” of the house. She never said it, but I still get a sense that either she runs the place or she just has the respect of everyone around her.

It’s Agreus who makes it sound like she could be something bigger. He doesn’t even say anything about her but her name. It’s clear from his face that he either knows her personally or knows something about her and what she has done for The Pact.

What are the chances that she is the leader of New Dawn? Did she have something to do with that revolutionary push, which is why Imogen was taken straight to her? I guess we’ll get to find out more about her soon.

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