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Is LL Cool J going to be in NCIS: Hawaii?

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With NCIS: Los Angeles ending after a successful three-way crossover event, eyes have been on if LL Cool J would join NCIS: Hawaii.

When CBS canceled NCIS: Los Angeles, LL Cool J shared his surprise. Many were considering the success that was the three-series crossover event back in January. He also shared that he would be interested in coming into NCIS: Hawaii if it was an option.

Well, it looks like everyone has heard that and agreed it would be a good idea. LL Cool J’s Sam Hana appeared in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 finale to help save Jane and Whistler, making it clear that he would be there if needed again. Did that open to him being in the third season?

LL Cool J will be in NCIS: Hawaii

Deadline quickly reported the great news. We will get more Sam Hana despite NCIS: Los Angeles being canceled. The great thing about a franchise series is that characters can pop up. It just doesn’t usually happen. After all, Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: New Orleans are also part of the universe and characters from those shows haven’t turned up in any of the others since cancellations.

LL Cool J will return as a recurring guest star in NCIS: Hawaii Season 3. It’s not clear how many episodes he’ll be in yet. That’s not surprising considering the writers strike is going on right now. There would have been time to talk about story ideas and make sure LL Cool J would be on board with the idea, but scripts haven’t been written yet.

We’re likely going to get a shorter season order due to the strike. This could mean fewer episodes of Sam Hana than initially planned.

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