When is the Love Is Blind live reunion?

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Love Is Blind Season 4 is doing the reunion a little differently. It’s going to be live. When will the episode air on Netflix?

Love Is Blind has a reunion special after the weddings. We get to see which couples are still together, who is trying again, and who has a lot to learn about the way they treat people.

Season 4 is going to have a reunion, but things are going to be very different. Instead of a pre-recorded episode that drops on Netflix, we’ll get to see a live special. This is a great chance for the tea to be spilled in a way that nobody can prepare for.

It’s rare that we see these reunions live. 90 Day Fiance offers Tell-Alls. So does The Bachelor. None of them do it all live, though. Yes, there are live audiences for some of them, but we don’t get to see the reactions live.

When is the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion?

Get your butts in your seats on Sunday, April 16. The episode will be available on Netflix starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. If you want to watch it all live and not get any spoilers from Twitter, you’ll want to tune in at that time. It will be on Netflix to watch whenever you want afterward.

This is with the cast of the fourth season. However, it doesn’t look like Irina is going to be there. The promo for the special doesn’t feature her, which will be a little disappointing for those who want to see people chew her out for her actions. Of course, she could be a surprise addition at some point.

There is a lot to break down in the reunion. Not only will we want to see where everyone is at after a year of marriage (or not), we’ll want to see who is trying again, where people are at, and what the reactions are to some of the cattier moments throughout the season.

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Love Is Blind Season 4’s reunion will be live on Netflix on Sunday, April 16.