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Love Life: 5 reasons to give the new HBO Max Original a chance

Love Life, starring Anna Kendrick, is the first adult HBO Max Original released. Here are five reasons you need to give the 30-minute comedy a chance.

Love Life is the first HBO Max Original for adults. The first day of release certainly had plenty for kids, but this has been the only new series for adults to enjoy. While it may not be your first type of show to check out, it’s certainly worth the watch.

Anna Kendrick stars in the series in a role that is very standard for her. That doesn’t make it a bad thing. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with an actress being type-cast if that’s something they’re okay with. And Kendrick’s character, Darby, isn’t the worst type of type-cast.

The series focuses on Darby, who is trying to find love. The show starts with some facts about relationships, including that the average person will have seven relationships in their lifetime and they’ll have their heart broken twice. It sets up some of the events that will happen to Darby throughout the 11 episodes.

The first three episodes are currently available to stream. Four more will be added on June 4 and another four episodes a week later. Here are five reasons to give Love Life a chance.

Characters to relate to

There are all sorts of characters for people to relate to. The lead character is certainly one of them being a 20-something girl who is looking for love. But her roommates are also relatable.

This isn’t a show that offers one-dimensional side characters. It takes time to develop the others, but that helps to keep things realistic. You get to know them in the way that Darby would have done.

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The important highlights

With episodes lasting just 30 minutes, this is a show that needed to think carefully about the way to tell the tale. Each episode is focused on a different guy. Instead of a slow burn, we just get the quick highlights of the relationships to see the highs and the lows.

In some cases, we get to see how a man can just pull away. In other cases, we see Darby just want a fling. It’s quick, allowing for Darby’s character to develop.

Awkward but not over-the-top lead character

This is where the main focus is. It’s all about Darby and her awkwardness. She struggles in her love life because he’s never really had success as a child with her crushes. Her divorced parents didn’t help set her up with good social skills as they blamed everything on each other.

However, Darby grows. In just the first three episodes, she starts to figure out what she wants to do and works out how to get it.

Lighthearted fun throughout

This is one of the more superficial shows on TV right now, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. We need comedies like Love Life. It’s cute and fun, not getting into to many dark details like some of the heavier shows.

When you want something lighthearted, this is the series to turn to.

Some takeaways for your own life

You’ll see Darby experience a few things in her life that speak volumes to you. Or one of the growingly important side characters will have a tale that connects to you. There are takeaways from each episode that we can all use in our own lives to be more positive or push our lives forward.

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I get that this isn’t a series for everyone, but it’s cute and fun. If you’re looking for something to watch, give Love Life a chance.

Love Life is streaming on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.