Is [Spoiler] dead in House of the Dragon?

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Two dragons and their riders fought in the air in the House of the Dragon Season 1 finale. How did it all end?

Luc going on a mission as a messenger to Storm’s End was supposed to be a safe trip. The worst thing facing him was supposed to be the weather. And yet, it turned into something far more dangerous. By the time he got to Storm’s End with the letter from his mother, Prince Aemond was already there. The Greens were offering marriage between Aemond and one of Borros Baratheon’s daughters.

Luc couldn’t match that. He is already betrothed to his step-sister/cousin. Just as he was about to walk away, Aemond made it clear that he wanted payback for the loss of his eye. He wanted Luc to remove his own eye. Luc refused, and Borros did not want a fight in his hall. Borros allowed Luc to leave.

Aemond and Luc fought in House of the Dragon

Aemond wasn’t about to let his nephew get away with things that easily. As Luc took to the stormy skies on Arrax, Aemond wasn’t that far behind on the back of the much larger and more war-weary Vhagar.

The fight in the skies was always going to end one way. Because of the storm, Arrax couldn’t fly away easily. If there were clear skies, Arrax would have been much faster. Instead, the storm hampered the flying, and it also caused problems for vision. Both dragons collided in the air.

Aemond then lost control of Vhagar. We could hear Aemond telling Vhagar to stop as the larger dragon got angry and went after Arrax in revenge for the collision. Vhagar swooped in and tore Arrax to shreds.

That was it for the young dragon. We watched as parts of the dragon fell to the waters below. But what about Luc?

There’s no way Luc survived that. He was either ripped to shreds at the same time or he fell off and drowned/died as he hit the water. We see Rhaenyra receive word that her son is dead, and this truly puts her on the path of vengeance and war.

The death was slightly different to the book. In Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin*, Aemond didn’t try to stop Vhagar from killing Arrax (and therefore Luc). However, we know the books are stories told from the maesters, and some of those stories could be wrong.

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