Who is Lucas Adams’s mom in Grey’s Anatomy?

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There’s been one big question about Lucas Adams in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19. Which Shepherd sister is his mom?

Lucas Adams is a Shepherd. That’s something we learned in the premiere. He doesn’t want anyone finding that out, and Amelia is more than willing not to give him special treatment. She did want to know if Derek was the reason Meredith hired him as an intern. Lucas was Derek’s favorite nephew.

It turns out that Lucas is the black sheep of the family. Meredith hired him because he reminded her of Amelia. She wanted to give Lucas a change.

The truth about who he is will eventually come out. Will we find out which sister is his mom in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19*? There are some clues.

It’s all about Connecticut in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19

The series gave us a clue when Lucas told Simone’s grandmother where he came from. His father is from Barbados, but he is from Connecticut. We can look at Derek’s sisters and what we know about them to figure it all out.

Nancy still lives in Connecticut. Her husband is called John and works in finance, but we’ve never got to meet him or learn where he came from. It is possible that he’s from Barbados.

We know Kathleen’s husband is a diplomat and they will travel a lot because of that, but she was in New York the last we saw. We don’t get to know where Liz is, so there is still a chance that she lives in Connecticut.

Right now, it looks like Nancy is Lucas’s mom in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19.

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Who do you think is Lucas’s mom in the series? Share your theories in the comments below.

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