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Did Lucifer ascend the throne in Lucifer Season 6?

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Lucifer was made the New God at the end of Lucifer Season 5. Would he make it to the throne in Lucifer Season 6?

Lucifer fought hard to become the New God, even though it wasn’t necessarily something he wanted to start with. Amenadiel spent much of Lucifer Season 6 encouraging Lucifer to go to Heaven and ascend the throne in the Silver City, but there was always something Lucifer needed to do instead.

When his daughter, Rory, turned up, Lucifer spent time trying to figure out why he would abandon her. He refused to do that, and that meant staying on Earth for longer.

Would he ever get to the Silver City? Was that the reason Lucifer would abandon his daughter? Just what happened to Lucifer at the end of Lucifer Season 6?

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Did Lucifer go to Heaven in Lucifer Season 6?

It turned out Lucifer didn’t even want to be God! During the penultimate episode as they all read Linda’s book, Lucifer admitted that he was stalling on ascending to the throne because it wasn’t something he wanted to do.

So, that wasn’t the reason for Lucifer to skip out on his daughter. However, it meant that the apocalypse would happen. Heaven needed a ruler. Lucifer’s brothers and sisters needed someone to guide them. If it wasn’t going to be Lucifer, then who would it be?

It turned out that Amenadiel was the perfect angel for the job. Didn’t he decide against it, though? Amenadiel didn’t want to be an absent father to Charlie, so he didn’t want to head to the Silver City.

Well, Amenadiel realized he didn’t need to stay in Heaven. He could have help to do everything he needed. He could be open refusing to work in mysterious ways. So, Amenadiel became God, and he was still there for all the important moments in Charlie’s life. Those moments included Charlie getting his wings!

As for Lucifer, he went back to Hell in the Lucifer Season 6 finale. He realized that his calling was to help souls go from Hell to Heaven, and it was all because of Rory that he realized it. She had to grow up hating him so she could go back to kill him and guide him (and have him help save her).

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What did you think of the Lucifer ending? Did you expect Amenadiel to become God? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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