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What happened to Dan on Lucifer Season 6?

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Dan was trapped in Hell in Lucifer Season 5, but we learned there was a way out. Did Dan get to Heaven in Lucifer Season 6?

We had to say goodbye to Dan during Lucifer Season 5. It was a shocking moment, but the hardest part was learning Dan had gone to Hell. His own guilt had gone there.

Knowing there was a way out, Lucifer went to see Dan in Hell to help him. However, it wasn’t easy. Lucifer at least made Hell a little less traumatic for “Detective Douche,” but it still wasn’t Heaven.

When Rory (Lucifer and Chloe’s daughter) turned up, Dan at least got one step closer to Heaven. She carried him to Earth, where he was a ghost. But would he manage to get to Heaven before the end of Lucifer Season 6?

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How did Dan get to Heaven on Lucifer Season 6?

While as a ghost, Dan spent time trying to figure out how to get over his guilt. He even visited Le Mec, the man who killed him, in jail. However, a tiger led to Le Mec getting out of jail. When Le Mec was going to kill someone, Dan managed to possess him. Now he was stuck in Le Mec’s body.

It did give Dan a chance to see Trixie, someone he had been avoiding. Pretending to be a friend, he apologized to Trixie for all the bad he’d done, for all the mistakes he’d made. Trixie didn’t view him as a bad man, though. She saw her dad as a hero, and she wasn’t angry that Dan died.

That was the guilt he was holding onto. With Trixie absolving him of that, he saw the light and was able to get to Heaven. We even got a glimpse of him with Charlotte in Heaven.

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