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Lucifer Season 6 is possibility with Tom Ellis’s new contract

Tom Ellis has a new contract, which officially makes Lucifer Season 6 a possibility. Now we’re just waiting for Netflix to renew it.

Lucifer Season 6 can now happen. Tom Ellis has signed a new deal with Warner Bros., which means we just need Netflix to officially renew the devilish program for a sixth season.

TVLine reported the news exclusively, sharing that a source confirmed the news of the deal. The publication also points out that there was already a contract in place for the sixth season, which would have meant Ellis would have breached his contract if he walked—assuming Netflix renewed the show. It looks like that isn’t a problem now.

Netflix has still to officially renew the show. When renewing the series for a fifth season, Netflix made it clear that it would be the final one. However, instead of 10 episodes, the show was getting 16 episodes to finish the tale. Then the streaming site did a u-turn of sorts, telling Warner Bros. that it was interested in Season 6. That was when the contract negotiations started, putting the future of the show on hold.

What about Lucifer Season 5?

While there are all these talks about Lucifer Season 6, we have to question the current season. We’re still waiting to find out when the fifth (and supposedly final) season is going to air. Fans had hoped that it would arrive in May, but the listings arrived with no devilish program. Then there was hope that it would be June, but still there’s nothing on the list.

The last we left our handsome devil, he had decided to take up the crown in Hell again. It was the only way he could save his nephew, who demons had decided they wanted to rule Hell since Lucifer didn’t want to. It was a bittersweet decision, as Chloe had finally accepted him for who he was and there was finally hope the two would be together.

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On top of that, there was hope for Maze and Eve. The two were great for each other, but Eve decided she needed to figure out who she was on her own before getting into another relationship. Season 5 will hopefully bring some good news for the two of them.

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What do you think about a potential new season? What would you like to see happen on Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lucifer is available to stream on Netflix.