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Is Luke Kleintank leaving FBI: International?

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In the run-up to the FBI: International fall finale, Luke Kleintank was missing. Forrester’s return was hit with the threat of being fired.

Things are not looking good for Scott Forrester. He wasn’t in a few episodes much before the fall finale, and now things aren’t looking good with Dandridge around. Dandridge isn’t happy about the way the Fly Team is being run, and it looks like there’s a threat to Forrester’s position.

With all this going on, there are worries about Luke Kleintank leaving the series. Is it possible that we’ll be saying goodbye?

Will Luke Kleintank leave FBI: International?

There is some good news for fans of the series out there. Kleintank hasn’t been missing because he’s leaving the series. Instead, he’s just taken paternity leave. His wife recently had their first baby and he wanted to take some time off for that.

The show’s writers decided to bring in a storyline that would allow for that. It involved Forrester being sent on errands by Dandridge, and then Dandridge would put Forrester’s position as the agent in charge at risk.

We’re seeing that play out now. According to TVLine, we should get some clarity on the whole situation in the Jan. 24 episode. Whether that means the whole situation comes to a head and is fixed or not isn’t clear. We’re hoping this isn’t for the rest of the season!

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What did you think of Dandridge’s attack on Forrester? How do you hope it all plays out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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