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What will happen to Macy on the Charmed Season 3 finale?

There’s some sad news for Charmed fans who adore Macy. She’s not returning for Season 4. What will happen to her in the Season 3 finale?

TVLine shared the disappointing news for all Macy Vaughn fans out there. Madeleine Mantock is not returning to the show for its fourth season, which means the Season 3 finale is going to be her last.

The good news is that this is Madeleine’s choice. The timing does match the original series when Shannon Doherty left, but that wasn’t out of choice. There was a lot of behind-the-scenes drama that we still don’t really know the full truth about. However, it led to Prue Halliwell being mentioned but never seen properly again. Even when there was a flashback, it wasn’t archived footage used.

The same won’t apply here. Madeleine has made the choice to leave, and the showrunners have respected that. She is welcome back should she wish to return. The question is how could she return? That will depend on how she’s written out.

Will Macy die on the Charmed Season 3 finale?

We have to question whether something is going to happen to Macy on the Season 3 finale. The synopsis suggests that it could.

Macy’s life is on the line. It leads to Harry asking for his immortality back because he needs to heal Macy. Could he go through the process to become a whitelighter again only to end up losing Macy anyway? Will he fail to become a whitelighter again leading to Macy’s death?

The show hasn’t written Macy’s character in a way that suggests she’s going to choose to leave her family. It would seem odd for her to just suddenly decide that she’s going to walk away. However, she could choose to sacrifice herself to save her sisters.

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Who will be part of the Power of Three?

What about the Power of Three? In the original series, a half-sister was written into the story. We already have a half-sister with Macy (and then we found out Maggie too so really Mel is the half-sister biologically), so it looks like the new series will need to do something different.

Is it possible that Josefina could step into the role? She’s been developed throughout the course of this season and now has magic. Could she end up harnessing the Power of Three with her cousins?

Another option would be Abby somehow. Could they write her into become a sister of sorts? Could Macy pass on her powers to Abby?

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How do you think Macy will be written out of Charmed? What do you hope to see in the Season 3 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Charmed Season 3 finale airs on Friday, July 23 at 8/7c on The CW.