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Search to save Manifest ends with disappointing decision

There’s a lot of bad news about the future of Manifest. The journey to save the show has come to a disappointing end.

After being canceled by NBC, there was hope that a streaming network would save the series. Manifest was added to Netflix just a week ago, and it immediately hit the Top 10 across the globe. There was hope that this immediate success would lead to Netflix saving the series.

That’s not the case. TVLine shared the disappointing news that Manifest is grounded.

Netflix isn’t the only streamer that has turned down saving it. Amazon, Hulu, and even HBO Max (which is owned by WarnerMedia) have all said no.

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Manifest leaves a lot of questions left unanswered

The decision to cancel the series is most definitely disappointing. The series was sold as a six-season show, and it was canceled at the halfway mark. Naturally, there were a lot of questions still left unanswered.

During the third season, Olive made a major discovery. The passengers didn’t just have to follow their own callings to protect their own fates. They would all need to follow their callings to protect each other. If one person didn’t follow their callings, the group would be judged as one and die on their Death Date.

However, Cal disappeared after touching the tailfin and returned to a dying Grace five years older. What exactly happened to him?

At the same time, Captain Daly, who disappeared after flying into the lightning during the first season, returned in the reconstructed plane at Eureka. He then disappeared with the plane, leading to a lot of questions about what happened to him and where he and the plane had now gone.

Sadly, we’re not getting answers. At least, not in the form of the show. Maybe one day showrunner Jeff Rake will share how it was all going to end to give us some sort of closure.

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Manifest Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix.