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Manifest gets closer to being saved by Netflix

The fight to save Manifest continues, with the focus being on Netflix to step in. The fight is closer to being successful.

While the fights to save a few canceled shows in 2021 have ended with disappointing news, that’s not the case for Manifest just yet. The fight continues, and there are signs that it’s closer to being a success. The latest development comes from Deadline, which reports that deals are being made with the cast and writers to bring a fourth season.

As of yet, the show hasn’t officially been saved, but the development is encouraging. The deals are “if-come” deals, which means the cast and writers will be locked in if the news from Netflix is good.

Saving the show will be a very pleasant surprise. Warner Bros. TV had stopped shopping the series around after Netflix passed on it back in June, but then talks started up again with both NBC and Netflix! Fan support continues on social media.

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Talks for Manifest ended at NBC and Peacock

There were discussions to bring a fourth season to NBC or Peacock. This would have made sense considering the series originally aired on NBC, but there is the problem of cost. That’s the whole reason NBC canceled the plane mystery drama in the first place.

Netflix is a better home, and that’s the place left for this show. Netflix can consider its large global audience, which NBC can’t do. It’s not reliant on U.S. advertisers for income.

Talks are still ongoing. However, it could now depend on the cast negotiations. They all expired back in June and weren’t renegotiated when Netflix passed on the show. Now the studio will need to go back to the cast, some of which have moved onto other projects already to keep their options open.

So far, the negotiations are for Season 4. While the series has been viewed as a six-season show, creator Jeff Rake may need to consider condensing the mystery to a fourth season. It could be that Netflix agrees on a fourth and final season to wrap up the tale.

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Manifest Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.