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Manifest renewed for Season 3, moved back to fall

There’s some excellent news for Manifesters. NBC has renewed Manifest for Season 3 and moved it back to the fall. Here are all the details we know so far.

Manifesters can officially rejoice. Manifest Season 3 is most definitely happening. Even better news is that the show is moving back to the fall.

According to Deadline, the decision to renew the show came down to the wire. It was a financial decision between Warner Bros. TV and NBC, which shouldn’t be all that surprising. There would have been discussions between both studio and network to make sure the show remained viable for all.

However, the decision to renew does make sense for NBC. After all, despite a dip in the averages, the live ratings did remain steady throughout the season. That naturally meant good news for the network.

A move back to the fall

After announcing the show would be renewed, NBC offered Manifesters even more great news. Manifest Season 3 will air in the fall. It’s clear that the network wants a season of staple shows, so it makes sense to keep an established show in the fall slot instead of testing things with a new show, especially right now. The show is also keeping its Monday night timeslot.

Of course, this is only if Manifest Season 3 can film right away. The show films in New York, which remains one of the hardest hit with COVID-19. Filming hasn’t started back up yet.

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The same will apply to fellow New York-filmed show, The Blacklist. The show will head back to its Friday 8 p.m. slot in the fall, but only if filming can happen.

Should filming not happen, the shows will need to move back to the midseason. It will be interesting to see what plans NBC has should that take place. However, NBC looks optimistic like CBS that most of the fall schedule can happen as normal. It could be a great move as other networks opt for a summer-esque lineup just in case.

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What do you hope to see during Manifest Season 3? What are you excited about coming back in the fall? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest Season 3 will return in the fall on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.