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Manifest saved: Netflix bringing supersized fourth and final season

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It’s 8/28, and we knew that had to mean some good news about the #SaveManifest campaign. It is good news with Netflix officially saving Manifest.

The social media channel for the show gave us the great news we’d all been waiting for. Manifest Season 4 is officially happening, with Netflix running it instead of NBC. It’s exciting news for fans around the world.

Deadline shared more details about the renewal. While there is some great news, there’s also a little bit of bad news. We’re not getting the six-season series originally pictured.

Manifest saved for a final season

The bad news is that Manifest Season 4 will be the last. Of course, we’re just really happy that a fourth season is happening. By knowing that it’s going to be the last, it means Jeff Rake and his team will be able to craft a complete ending.

It’s also going to be the longest season of the series yet. The show will have 20 episodes to the season. Other seasons have been 16 episodes at the most.

It might end up feeling like six seasons in the end. Manifest Season 4 is going to be split into multiple parts. This isn’t surprising considering most Netflix shows are eight to 10 episodes long. We could end up seeing it split into two parts with 10 episodes each. It wouldn’t make sense to split it into three parts to bring what would feel like six seasons in total.

Manifest: Season 1 (SD) ($)

We thought there was good news coming with the cast entering negotiations again. Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh are officially returning after securing deals, and J.R. Ramirez is also set to return. Other series regulars are still negotiating their deals as some of the actors had moved onto other projects with their previous contracts coming to an end.

The actors are also getting well-deserved pay increases. After all, they all got into the #SaveManifest campaign to help keep the show at the top of Netflix’s streaming numbers and get Netflix to reconsider the show.

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What do you hope to see on Manifest Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest Seasons 1 to 3 are on Netflix. Season 4 is now officially confirmed.