Manifest Season 3 coming to Netflix Canada this week

Calling all Manifesters! There is some excellent news about streaming Manifest Season 3 online. It’s coming to Netflix Canada this week.

We seem to be getting a lot closer to seeing Manifest saved. Netflix surprised everyone with the release of Manifest Season 3 on Netflix in the United States. It definitely wasn’t on the list of August releases, and there was no announcement to say that it would arrive in the days before.

When learning about the U.S. release, What’s On Netflix shared some exciting news for Canadian viewers. The third season is coming to Netflix Canada this week.

When is Manifest Season 3 on Netflix Canada?

Watch all of Manifest Season 3 on Friday, Aug. 27. The shows always drop at 3:01 a.m. ET/12:01 a.m. PT just to get an idea of when you can start binge-watching.

You’ll want to binge-watch the third season. This is time to get the show back into the Top 10, making it very clear that we want a fourth season.

Manifest: Season 1 (SD) ($)

Does this mean Manifest Season 4 is happening?

This is a positive sign for the show being saved. Just recently, we shared that the cast were entering negotiations for new contracts. Their original contracts expired back in June 2021, and there was no discussion about renewing as the show seemed to be canceled completely.

With the success on streaming and the continued calls for saving it from the fans, NBC had a change of heart. Now NBC has still decided no, but Netflix is still in talks to save the series. There is a chance that Season 4 will happen, but no guarantees yet. The actors wouldn’t go into contract talks if they weren’t close to good news.

This is why we need to stream as soon as the season hits the platform. Make it clear that this is the best investment Netflix can make since Lucifer is coming to an end this year.

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Manifest Season 3 is coming to Netflix Canada on Friday, Aug. 27.