Manifest Season 3 premiere pushed back to 2021

We’re going to have to wait a little while longer for Manifest Season 3. NBC has pushed the premiere back to 2021.

There’s some bad news for fellow Manifesters. We’re waiting longer than we thought for the Manifest Season 3 premiere.

NBC initially planned for the time-traveling plane mystery series to premiere in the fall after a season put in the midseason. However, plans have had to change due to filming delays.

Like many other TV shows on NBC, Manifest Season 3 won’t be able to premiere until the midseason. This isn’t because NBC doesn’t have faith in it, but because it’s going to be the safest option. Like New Amsterdam, it films in New York, and there are too many risks to safety. This is one of those shows that films heavily on location, so keeping all cast and crew safe will be more difficult than with a show like The Blacklist, which could potentially do a lot from stages.

When can we expect Manifest Season 3?

With this decision, eyes are now on when the third season will premiere. It’s hard to give an exact date, but January or February 2021 doesn’t seem too unlikely.

Most filming is starting up sometime in September or October 2020. There’s no reason to think anything different for all New York-based NBC series. If it’s late-fall, we’re looking at January as the earliest month possible. This would.

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There’s no need to accommodate shows that are returning late fall. None of those shows will air in the Manifest Season 3 timeslot. Instead, the Weakest Link reboot with Jane Lynch is set to air in the Monday night slot, likely as a way to fill the gap until the scripted drama can return.

What can we expect during the third season? That’s all up for debate. However, we know the premiere will have a seven-letter title with TF as two of the letters. What could it be?

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What do you hope to see in Manifest‘s third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Manifest Season 3 will premiere sometime in fall 2020.