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Manifest may be uncanceled by NBC

Just as we thought the fight to save the show might be over, we’ve got the exciting news that Manifest may be uncanceled by its original network!

TVLine shares the exciting news that NBC has reentered talks with Warner Bros. TV to save the time-traveling supernatural drama. It’s about time! There was no need for NBC to cancel the show in the first place.

You just had to look at the live ratings to see the show was worth saving. They were better than some of the shows that had been renewed, including The Blacklist! We really weren’t sure what NBC was thinking of in the first place.

The news comes just after NBC announced Law & Order: For the Defense wasn’t going forward. Could it be that the space in the schedule has meant the show can be saved?

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NBC isn’t the only network interested in Manifest

And if that wasn’t great news enough, there’s even more. Netflix may also be in talks to help save the series. This hasn’t been confirmed, but it looks like Netflix and NBC could enter a deal to help keep the drama on the air.

This, again, makes sense. Considering Manifest quickly proved to be one of the top shows on the streaming platform, it didn’t make sense that Netflix decided not to save it.

The deal being talked about isn’t clear. It could be something similar to Good Girls. That show airs on NBC and then at the end of the season all episodes go to Netflix internationally. Then about nine months later they go to Netflix in the U.S. Sadly, the series was canceled, but it looks like it’s due to behind-the-scenes stuff instead of Netflix and NBC not renewing the series. But that’s for another article!

This could be something we see for Manifest on both Netflix and NBC. We hope that it all turns into something positive.

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Manifest Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.