Where is Mary’s mom in The Winchesters?

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We know dad is on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home for a few days, but what about Mary’s mom in The Winchesters?

Mary Campbell is from a family of hunters. We’ve known that since Supernatural Season 4. We also saw that Mary’s parents were still together, so why wasn’t Mary’s mom with her dad when he went missing?

Well, it turns out that things aren’t so rosy for Mary’s parents. Like Mary and John’s marriage, that went through rocky patches, so did Deanna and Samuel’s marriage. We got a few details about Mary’s mom during the most recent episode of the Supernatural* spin-off.

Mary’s mom is on a hunt in The Winchesters

Mary doesn’t quite know where her mom is, but she’s not worried. Others seem to have heard from Deanna, so Mary knows that her mom is, at least, alive. However, it turns out that Mary’s mom has been gone for a while.

During Episode 3, Lata mentions Mary’s parents being separated. This isn’t that they’re on different hunting trips, but it sounds like things aren’t great for their marriage. We know from Supernatural that they should get back together, but that’s only if this series finds a way to match up to canon from the OG series.

Mary does admit that she hasn’t talked to her mom for a while. She doesn’t even know if Deanna knows that Samuel is missing.

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