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Is Max really leaving New Amsterdam?

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Max and Helen are getting ready to head off to London, England in New Amsterdam Season 4. Is Max really going to leave the hospital?

Every season, there are questions of whether characters are going to leave our favorite shows. New Amsterdam Season 4 has opened with Max and Helen getting ready to head to London. Helen wants to go back home, and Max has decided to leave with her because he loves her.

Now the question is whether they’re really going to leave. More importantly, is Max really going to leave? Without Ryan Eggold, is there a way for the series to continue? After all, it’s Max who is the heart of the hospital, even if he does constantly get it wrong while trying to make it right.

Is Ryan Eggold leaving New Amsterdam in Season 4?

Is there a chance we’ll lose the main character before the series comes to an end? If we thought New Amsterdam Season 4 was going to be the last, we’d definitely say it’s possible. However, we know that a fifth season is already confirmed. When renewed for Season 3, NBC renewed the show for three seasons.

So, with that in mind, we’re looking at Eggold likely not leaving the series. It doesn’t make sense to lose the main character at this point. Yes, the other characters are great, but Max is the one that connects everyone.

There are a couple of things that could keep him in New York. One of those is his daughter. We’ve already seen the attempt at a custody battle with Max’s in-laws. They want to be part of Luna’s life, and that will be difficult if Max leaves for London. Chances are that this could come up and keep Max in the country.

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Another thing could be immigration. Something TV shows forget about is just how difficult it is for people to live and work in a new country. Max and Helen aren’t married. They’ve only just started a relationship. She’s not going to be able to sponsor him into residency, so will a hospital sponsor him on a work visa? We’ve not seen that discussion come up and it really should.

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Do you think Max will actually leave the hospital? Will you watch New Amsterdam without Max and Helen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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